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eeeee - what doesnt kill you, will really make you pissed off

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Previous Entry eeeee May. 8th, 2011 @ 06:32 pm Next Entry
so um... the other day when i went to my animation job adam (my boss) started asking me how many hours i usually get at target.  i told him i can get anywhere between 20 and 37 hours there.  he asked me if i would be interested in replacing all those hours at target with hours at reds best/always now and i was like "hell yeah!" but nothings set in stone yet D: he needs to ask the reds best owner too.  cause i'd be working for both companies.  however i feel anxious cause it'll mean i'll need to ask for a raise cause i won't be able to go in everyday at my pay rate now.  gas is expensive and so are the bills.  i hope he doesn't get mad at me for asking.  eek.  but i hope this will mean full time animation work soons!!!!!!!
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